Wide Floss Band


  • Wide Floss Band
  • Wide Floss Band
  • Wide Floss Band

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New WIDE version of floss band is an alternative to a standard version that offers twice the coverage for a larger treatment zone and precise adhesion.

THORN+fit floss band is a performance tool to restore joint mechanics, improve range, unglue matted down or injured tissue. Floss band supports proper movement that is essential for keeping joints, muscles and soft tissue at their peak. That includes re-perfusing stiff tissues and compressing swelling out of tissues and joints. Perfect for workouts that involve heavy or high-rep squats or presses.

Fields of use:

mobility, flexibility, powerlifting, rehab, heavy high-rep squats


• ultra flexible and resistant latex floss band
• length: 208cm
• width: 10cm
• thickness: 1mm
• maximal stretch: 150% of the total length

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