• THORN+fit GHD
  • THORN+fit GHD

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You might already seen GHD sit-ups at the CrossFit Games but this device is not only about powerful abdominal contractions.
THORN+fit Glute Ham Developer is a tool for strengthening muscles within the posterior chain, hamstrings and glutes.
GHD supports also midline stability and development of the spinal erectors. 
THORN+fit GHD is adjustable and built to adapt to athletes of most sizes. It is equipped with comfortable pads with handles and the ankle roller pads that are horizontally adjustable. Triangular base shape, durable construction and quality steel tubes make the whole device safe and stable.

- durable and stable construction 
- triangular base 
- easy adjustment system with threaded knobs and a convenient pop pin
- 7cm x 5cm steel tubing
- foam roller ankle pad with steel plate support
- comfortable pad with handles
- adjustable 5cm increments 
- base size: lenght 186cm, front spacing 114cm, back spacing 50cm
- pad height: 110cm
- color: black 

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