THORN+fit FX Sled


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THORN+fit FX Sled adapts the push and pull versatility. It is a high quality steel construction with streamlined design that is perfect for intense training.

Like with every other Dog Sled, you can train your legs by pushing FX Sled with a olympic plates piled on the middle bolt.

Thanks to laser-cut opening for inserting a rope or carabeneer/Core STS, you can also train upper body by pulling the sled.

THORN+fit FX Sled offers maximum efficiency and great storing and transporting properties. 


  • The weight of the whole set is 31.7 kg
  • Width 63cm
  • Length 90cm
  • Handle height 97cm
  • Head height 51cm
  • Includes set of push poles (2 pieces) which can be placed in any of the four sockets
  • Laser cut opening for attaching rope or carabeneer
  • Colour: black/red
  • Optional accessories: Battle rope or THORN+fit Core STS as a dragging strap and olympic plates as a load 

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