Set of enduro plates


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Bumpers Enduro, due to their structure and construction, are resistant to repeated impacts on the ground. The whole plate is made of granules and equipped with a durable, steel ring (not being a structural element) that facilitates putting on and removing the barbell plates during training.
These extremely durable plates are made of vulcanized granules that absorb impacts and enable training in the room as well as outside, in the open air.
THORN + fit Enduro plates are produced in the EU. We think globally, we operate locally.

outer diameter of the plate: 450mm (IWF standard)
internal diameter (steel ring): 50.5mm
color: black with convex numbers / logo
finish: mat
the bulging on the edge makes it easier to remove the barbells and lift them from the floor
plate thickness 5kg: 3 cm
plate thickness 10kg: 6 cm
plate thickness 15kg: 9 cm
plate thickness 20kg: 12 cm
The kit with a total weight of 100kg includes the following discs:
2 x 5kg
2 x 10kg
2 x 15kg
2 x 20kg

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