MTR Double Lacrosse ball


  • MTR Double Lacrosse ball
  • MTR Double Lacrosse ball

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MTR Double Lacrosse ball is a simple but effective recovery tool that functions like two lacrosse balls fused together. 
Based on the biomechanics of the spine, it was designed to create change in the posture safely and effectively. It creates long lasting change on tissue and can be used to create movement in the spine or to loosen muscle tissue in the quads, hamstrings and hips. Flexible connector guarantees 3D movement and perfect fit.
Made from smooth rubber, this version has a little more give than single red MTR Lacrosse ball, making it a good recovery tool for delicate areas like the neck and spine. The rubber surface minimises slipping and enables the ball to really bite into the body part you are targeting.
Fields of use


  • diameter of the ball: 63 mm
  • width: 126cm 
  • weight: 324 gr
  • most effective form of mobility training
  • great sniper for muscle knots
  • rubber surface minimises slipping
  • compact and portable
  • colour: black with engraved THORN+fit logo

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