Lady Speed Rope


  • Lady Speed Rope
  • Lady Speed Rope
  • Lady Speed Rope
  • Lady Speed Rope
  • Lady Speed Rope
  • Lady Speed Rope

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Ball bearings and long, steel tip, handles reinforced with caps and professional cord closed in a durable casing with a smaller clamping screw significantly increase the rope's durability and training quality.

Lady Speedrope skipping rope includes a new bag with GET FIT FOR YOUR PASSION graphics.

Technical modifications that have been introduced in relation to Speedrope 2.0:- durable plugs are used in the rope handles
- professional nylon cord with a length of 3.6 m is used - more rigid and blinded on one side, which increases usability
- the size of the clamping element is significantly reduced along with the fixing screw at the end of the cable to lower the weight and increase the ergonomics of the product
- the set is equipped with an additional mini screwdriver used to tighten the screw in the fastening element

Fields of use
skipping, double-unders, criss-cross

handle length: 16cm (total length: 18.5cm)
steel ball bearing head
nylon diameter of the rope: 2,2 mm (bold diameter for a better swing)
length of the cable: 3.6 meters
adjustable length of the cable
transparent red cable cover protecting against wiping
bag for skipping rope (prevents tangling and damage to the rope)
mini screwdriver
Weight: 115g

! after adjusting the length of the skipping rope, cut the excess rope to achieve better swing and speed

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