Gada Mace 6kg


  • Gada Mace 6kg
  • Gada Mace 6kg

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Training with ThornFit GADA Mace is one of the most effective exercises that involve practically all muscle groups in our body. The product uses the principle of unevenly distributed disproportionate weight displacement, which stimulates local and global muscles, and improves coordination.

The club is made of high quality structural steel. The monolithic head was cut down at top for easy deposition on the ground. The long, double-knurled handle combined with head using high quality weld allows for a strong grip during exercise.

Technical data: 

  • Weight: 6kg
  • Handle diameter: 40,7mm
  • Overall lenght of the mace: 102,5cm
  • Head diameter: 99mm
  • Knurling: 20/20/25cm
  • Weight tolerance: 3%

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