Flash Speed Rope


  • Flash Speed Rope
  • Flash Speed Rope
  • Flash Speed Rope
  • Flash Speed Rope
  • Flash Speed Rope
  • Flash Speed Rope
  • Flash Speed Rope

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Flash speed rope is an absolute blast! Technologically advanced and durable speed rope that meets expectations of modern functional training and represents perfection in every detail. Black alloy handles are equipped with special head that is built with bearings and has a unique opening for placing the steel wire. In the specially designed head, there is a self-locking mechanism that lets you mount the wire in a flash. To mount the wire, you don't need any tools, adjustment is easy and doesn't require any tightening loose screws.

To replace the cable or adjust the cable length

  • insert the cable into the handle
  • adjust the length by holding down the lock
  • release the lock

With this solution, you can easily change the length of the steel cable (if needed, the excess is stored in handle), exchange type of steel cable that you want to use at the time (there are 2 types of steel ropes included - soft black cable and rigid red cable 2.0) but also store your speed rope in the way to prevent any tangling or deforming the cable (handles and cables are stored separately).

Flash speed rope is extremely light and precisely finished. Handles are ergonomic and comfortable and was designed to increase the swing while practising double-unders. High quality spin ball bearing system improves rotation and speed. Steel wire can easily work in different dimensions and angles which makes jumprope swing smoother than ever.

Handles are knurled to deliver secure and firm grip, even for long and demanding workouts.


Fields of use

skipping, double-unders, criss-cross



  • aluminium handles with special knurling
  • stainless steel metal head for extra durability
  • 14cm long grips (total handle length: 16,8cm)
  • knurled part of handle: 11cm
  • handle diameter: 14mm
  • handle weight: 55g (1pc)
  • comes with 2 types of 3,6m long steel wires
  • 2,4mm diameter steel wire (black)
  • 2,4mm diameter steel wire 2.0 (red)
  • self locking mechanism - easy adjustment and no more loose screws
  • transparent red and black coating (steel wire)
  • auto-locking requires no screws
  • no pre-cutting to size
  • excess wire is stored in handles
  • speed rope comes with with transport bag (prevents wire tangling)
  • whole set is packed in an aesthetic package
*If the jump rope is still to long after inserting the cable in the handle, please cut the excessive cable.

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