Soft Plyo box


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THORN+fit Soft Plyo box is an excellent tool for plyometric training that features an ultra dense EVA foam core. Our Soft Plyo box is firm and secure to perform plyometric movements but also soft enough to prevent tearing up shins on the edges when misstepped. THORN+fit Soft Plyo box comes with the ideal height for every athlete thanks to its three different sides (50cm x 60cm x 75cm). It is a great addition to a small garage gym or a training facility. This is a jump box built for safe, effective plyometric training at any skill level. It enables plyometric jumping and functional training according to your respective performance level and training needs and features three different heights: 50cm x 60cm x 75cm.

Fields of use

box jumps, plyometrics

  • three different heights: 50cm x 60cm x 75cm 
  • THORN+fit branding and size indication
  • ultra dense EVA foam core
  • weight: 
  • durable black cover with height increment markings
  • color: black with red and white prints

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