Competition Kettlebell 28kg


  • Competition Kettlebell 28kg
  • Competition Kettlebell 28kg

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True gem in our kettlebell range. This is best conditioning product when it comes to performance, durability, stability and feel. We present evolution of competition kettlebells - solid-piece cast iron construction with flat areas on each bell for added comfort and stability.

Four specially contoured flat areas reduce friction and discomfort during overhead cleans, snatches and presses. Competition kettlebells have smooth surface with a matte black powder coat finish that holds chalk.

Ranging from 8KG to 48KG in weight, every increment of the competition kettlebell retains the same outside dimensions and handle width. Because of that, they are equipped with color-coded handles to help users quickly distinguish different weight options.

The front face of each bell displays the THORN+fit logo; the back side features the weight in both KG and LB.



• Solid-piece cast iron construction
• Same dimensions across all weight increments
• Handle diameter: 33mm
• Distance between handles: 123mm
• Base diameter: 140mm
• Bell width: 208mm
• Height: 282mm
• Weight Tolerance: +/- 1%
• Wide, flat machined base
• Four flat areas on each bell for added comfort and stability
• Clean, black matte finish


Weight Increments / Color Coded Handles:

8KG – Pink 
12KG – Light Blue 
16KG – Yellow 
20KG – Purple
24KG – Green 
28KG – Orange 
32KG – Red
36KG – Gray 
40KG – White
44KG – Dark Blue
48KG – Gold 

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