Stability pad


  • Stability pad
  • Stability pad
  • Stability pad

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Extremely solid and durable stability pad provides optimum cushioning effect plus controlled instability for dynamic strength training and to improve core stability. 
Thanks to a high density that massively increases the degree of hardness and the new, burled surface texture it is a great tool for functional training.

We have upgraded our training mats with textured surface on both sides to prevent slippage.
Integrate balance training into all levels of sports performance training and rehabilitation.
Our stability pad is manufactured from TPE material.
TPE pads are 100% biodegradable, recyclable and environmentally friendly.
TPA pad is recommended for allergy sufferers as TPE is a closed cell technology; bacteria, germs and dust cannot get trapped in the mat. 

Fields of use:
core stability and balance, functional training


• material: TPE (Thermal Plastic Elastomer)
• dimensions: 48 / 40 / 6 cm
• weight: 0,6 Kg
• non-slip textured design
• extremely versatile balance training tool
• compact and portable
• durable, dirt resistant and easy to clean
• optimum comfort 
• no lingering odour
• eco-friendly 

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