Premium R.E.D. bar 20kg


  • Premium R.E.D. bar 20kg
  • Premium R.E.D. bar 20kg
  • Premium R.E.D. bar 20kg

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Olympic R.E.D. Bar is a product for the most demanding athletes who put attention to both - durability and supreme performance. Our bar is made of high quality steel and is equipped with oxidised sleeves and shaft finished with red ceramic coating. This solution provides the best performance when it comes to bar grip&feeling and additionally has good anti-corrosion properties. R.E.D. bar is equipped with a strong double knurling for a perfect grip. The new design also includes 6 bearings per one sleeve. Prepare yourself for training with R.E.D.!

functional training, oly, weightlifting, olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, multipurpose

  • length: 2200mm
  • weight: 20kg
  • collar fi: 50mm
  • 12 pcs high precision needle bearings 
  • finishing: red ceramics coating
  • sleeve length: 39cm
  • dual knurl marks for olympic lifts and power lifts 
  • progressive knurl feel
  • die-cut sleeve structure
  • no center knurl 
  • IPF standart


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