Premium R.E.D. bar 10kg


  • Premium R.E.D. bar 10kg
  • Premium R.E.D. bar 10kg
  • Premium R.E.D. bar 10kg

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Olympic R.E.D. 10kg training bar is built from the 190,000 PSI steel to bring you superior technical bar.  Olympic bar made of high quality steel is equipped with oxidized sleeves and grip is finished with a red ceramic coating. This solution provides the best anti-corrosion conditions. R.E.D. bar is equipped with a stronger double knurling for a perfect grip. New construction, bearings supported from both sides and die-cut sleeve structure are distinctive trademarks of this bar. Progressive dual knurl marks, exceptional feel and very good spin will surely improve your weightlifting skills. Get ready for improving your technique and progressing to another level.

Fields of use

functional training, oly, weightlifting, olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, multipurpose

  • lenght: 66,81" (168,30cm)
  • diameter: 25mm
  • weight: 10kg
  • collar fi: 50mm
  • the maximum load for 10kg cerakote bar is 700lb / 320kg
  • 8pcs high precision needle bearings 
  • finishing: black zinc and hared chrome sleeves
  • sleeve length: 6,625" (16,5cm)
  • bar length (between sleeves): 132,5cm
  • dual knurl marks for olympic lifts and power lifts 
  • progressive knurl feel
  • die-cut sleeve structure
  • no center knurl 
  • IPF standart

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